We at Unik Human Resources are a professional HR consultancy with more than 20 years of experience. Our HR consultants offer a full results orientated service, focusing on business optimization. We always meet the individual needs of our customers when we enter into a business relationship.
Unique HR solutions for unique customers

Full service HR consultancy

Unik Human Resources is a full-service HR consultancy with HR consultants covering the fields of Human resources management. Our wide ranging experience of creating sustainable and business oriented HR solutions for our clients comes from more than twenty years of experience of working within the field and we are proud of the close and long-standing relationships we have developed with our clients.

”With You All the Way”

At Unik Human Resources we offer customized HR solutions for every client. Co-operative working with us is always characterized by our business philosophy ”With You All the Way”. Our philosophy is not confined to HR services but also defines our commitment to delivering results. We are with our clients all the way through the process solving – both their practical and their cognitive challenges.

A flexible HR function consisting of HR specialists

The benefit of working with us is that your company gains a flexible HR function which consists of specialists within the different HR areas rather than just a single HR generalist. At Unik Human Resources we have a consultant portfolio with wide ranging experience and strong competencies within the field of Human Resource Management. We can advise on any HR strategy. Furthermore, you have a complete overview of cost, always with the possibility of adjusting the budget according to your needs.

How we can work together

Naturally, the needs of companies vary immensely. We work together with you in order to meet the needs of your company in the best possible way. We work on multiple levels within HR and can enter into exactly the form of business relationship that suits you and your company.

At Unik Human Resources, we can administer the entire HR function so that you can concentrate on what you do best, running your business. We can also help solve specific HR tasks, for example if you lack particular competencies among your employees. Should the need arise for one or more HR competencies become more permanent we can also assist with building a lasting HR function within your company.

No matter which HR solution you choose we always focus on achieving the best results and value for your company by enabling managers and employees to achieve results to the best of their ability while ensuring their ongoing development.

Our HR solutions

Unik Management & leadership development

Unik Management & leadership development supports and develops the competencies of each manager, director and the management group. Unik Human Resources offers development processes for each manager within team optimization and management group optimization. We focus on the manager’s personal leadership challenges as well as on the challenges that can exist from being in a group of managers with many different approaches to management.

Unik Business & Executive Coaching

Unik Business & Executive Coaching is our counselling and sparring service for managers on all levels. We work together with managers to help them strengthen their ability to lead and focus on achieving specific goals.

Unik Job satisfaction and engagement survey

Our job satisfaction and engagement survey provides a professional assessment of how managers and employees see the company. We take your company’s special characteristics as a starting point. The areas measured vary according to your company’s specific needs, challenges and strategic goals.

Unik Appraisal interview

An appraisal interview is our strategic managerial tool that provides both the manager and the employee with the possibility of discussing future work challenges, expectations, job satisfaction and development of competencies. In this way, you ensure that there is balance between the company’s overall strategy and the employee’s personal as well as professional development.

Unik Outplacement

Outplacement is professional counselling of a manager or employee whose employment has been terminated. We help the person to move forward in his or her professional life in a competent and caring way, with benefits for both the ex-employee as well as the company.

Unik Stresscoaching

Most companies have experienced an employee who has gone down with stress. All companies have employees at risk of being absent due to illness with stress related symptoms. Every fifth person afflicted by stress results in them leaving their job. Our Stress Coaching is an efficient process that targets and ensures the right help for the individual.

Unik Assessment

It is important for your company’s success that managers and employees have the appropriate competencies to successfully perform their job. It is essential that your managers develop the competencies and characteristics that enable them to effectively grow, improve and develop the team and the individual employee. At Unik Human Resources we offer professional assessment processes and evaluations in order to measure performance of individuals, managers and teams.

Unik Recruitment

Employees are your company’s most important resource. It is crucial to recruit the right managers and employees as wrong decisions in recruitment are time consuming and costly. At Unik Human Resources we can help by offering professional recruitment services. We can be a part of the recruitment process before, during and after engaging new employees.

Unik Onboarding

Unik Onboarding is our customized introduction process for new employees that ensures professional, cultural and social introduction to the company. We help increase the chances of a new employee thriving and becoming well integrated into the company and team from the very beginning.

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